Teen Book Review of the Week – Aug. 27, 2007

I’d like to highlight some of the great writing created by local teens, so here is a review from this month’s review page.

 The Book Thief5 stars by Markus Zusak – 552 p.

The Book Thief is about a young girl growing up in Nazi Germany, who, because books are so expensive, takes every opportunity to get books, even if they are illegal. What makes this book remarkable is that the narrator is Death. This is amazing because it’s very creative and it is an innovative way to look at war: Death is unbiased so he can say everything exactly as it was without mixing fact and opinion. Even though the book is set in a very different time and place than America today, the reader can connect with the characters because of their hopes and dreams and, moreover, their faults. The book has a truly heart-wrenching ending (let’s just say not everyone, or even very many people, live happily ever after) and that also adds to the book’s greatness.

Review by Amelia, age 15, Northeast Library

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