Hannah Buys A Kindle!

In mid-November, I pooled two months of dishwashing/waitressing tips and therein betrayed all of my Luddite-minded, book-loving friends. I bought an Amazon Kindle, and am still convinced it is the best thing on planet Earth. I can acquire and begin to read almost any widely published book in less than a minute. The screen looks like an actual book, and staring at it for long time periods does not irritate my eyes remotely. I know that it’s awkward-looking and kind of ugly but I feel how mothers with hideous children feel, and it could not be more beautiful to me if than a giant iPhone. I can read tremendously embarassing books without anyone knowing. I can fall asleep with it on and wake up to see a screensaver of Oscar Wilde in an ostentatious outfit. The Kindle’s only flaw thus far is that everyone wants to touch it and look at it and ask questions about it and read over my shoulder and be appalled that I would ever spend so much money on the ability to read books on a screen. I do not care. I am in love.


6 thoughts on “Hannah Buys A Kindle!

  1. Laurie

    What about the fact that you have to BUY the books you read, instead of checking them out from the library? I check out hundreds of books from the library every year, and couldn’t afford to buy them for Kindle.

    I’m glad you’re having fun with it. Sounds great.

  2. Mahina

    How exciting! The kindle is on my wishlist :o) I think you can still “check-out” books from the library with your kindle. Most of the e-books are available in the mobipocket format which I think is compatible with the kindle.

  3. Hannah

    @ Laurie: In pre-Kindle days I bought about half of my books and took the other half out from the library. Kindle books are so much cheaper than print books that I think I may already have balanced out the $360.
    @ Hayden: But without it I never would have had to experience the TWILIGHT SAGA :(.
    @ Mahina: How how how!?! And e-books from your computer cost 10¢, as you have to email them to you through Kindle Mail.
    @ Erika: It is so worth it.


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