Movie Review: Push

While Push was released awhile back, I would still like to write a review for this movie because it left a mark on me after I watched it. Even though many people may think that this movie is like X-Men or Heroes, it’s actually quite different. The movie isn’t that original but it still has its own style that makes it different from the rest. With its unique setting and storyline along with the casting, makes this movie stand out from being just a mediocre rent.

The story is set in Hong Kong where Nick (Chris Evans) is hiding along with others who process similar kinds of special powers. They are trying to escape from the USA secret government agency known as Division headed by a person named Henry Carver (Dijmon Hounsou). Nick later meets up with a girl name Cassie (Dakota Fanning) who predicts a bad future for both of them if they do not find another girl name Kira (Camilla Belle) who has the key to getting rid of Division once and for all.

While the story seems simple enough, it is actually quite complex and difficult to follow. There is only a brief talk about the types of powers some people process so when the movie comes to a point in which we meet a new character with a power that was not talked about, the audience is often left scratching their heads. Then there is one part of the movie in which it get quite confusing as the movie is purposely not telling us what is happening until it does happen. Then we have to think back and make all the connections which may be entertaining to some and frustrating to others.

Overall the movie is decent. Surprisingly from the trailers, the movie itself doesn’t have as much action as what people wanted. It feels more like a detective movie with supernatural powers in it. The ending was also not as satisfying as some may wanted it to be but it was a quick solution to end the movie. While this movie doesn’t really deserve your money at the theaters, it is worth renting if you want to see a decent thriller movie. I will give this movie a 7/10.

~Steven, Teen Center Advisor, Central Library

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