April Teen Book Reviews – Bottom of the Barrel

Ever read a book you can’t stand?  Or, thought was ok but needed some work?  We’d love to hear from you!  Your review might get featured on our website.



In the meantime, check out some of the “blah” reviews we’ve got posted now.  They might help you avoid some stinkers.  Or, if one of your fave books is on there, write a counter review!


One of the gems:

Battle Angel Alita1 star by Yukito Kishiro – 243 p.

This story follows the main character Alita through her…life? journey? quest? I am not quite sure. The foundation of this story is very weak, the backstory almost nonexistant. Most of the book is a series of fights, and the limited character interaction in between leaves you no room to bond with the characters. When the battles are done the end leaves you going ‘huh.’ And not in a that-is-a-question-worth-pondering way. In a what-the-freak-just-happened way. There is no real closure for the meager plot that has been established, and the reader feels like they are being dropped off a cliff. Better to drop the book off!

Review by Michelle, age 17, Northgate Branch

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