Getting to know your librarians – Dennis



What should we call you?

Where can we find you?
Rainier Beach

Why teen services?
There is never a dull moment in Teen Services. It is a fascinating field; filled with challenges, surprises, great expectations, enough highs to get you through the occasional lows, and some days, so much fun…you’ll forget it’s a job.

Favorite reference resource (print and/or online)?
Print: Any dictionary
Online: Gale’s General Reference Center Gold and General OneFile

Favorite book of all time and favorite book right now?
Favorite book of all time: the Bible (NIV)
Favorite book right now: the Bible (NIV)

You live in Seattle – To umbrella or not to umbrella?
Not. Hoods and caps work just fine, especially if you don’t have hair issues.

The best thing about living in Seattle is…
It has some of the lures, luxuries, amenities, and trappings of a major city, yet still exudes the feeling, character, charm and comfort of a small town.




We know you love Seattle but where would you most like to live?
Not sure; probably somewhere near or along the East Coast.

What is your favorite word?

What is your motto?
“Life is not a promissory note.”

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