April Book Reviews – Another Clunker

Another book to avoid…or cherish!  Check the others out here.

The Cure for Crushes (and Other Deadly Plagues) 2 stars by Karen Rivers – 300 p.

Although this book has an interesting plot, the main character, Haley, is too naive and oppositional to activities most teens enjoy to be a believable character. It’s as though she is occasionally taken over by her alternate identity: Sunday School Teacher! One moment she whines about how her dad used to sell pot, the next she binge-drinks at a friend’s party. Also she complains that her boyfriend “wants to do more” than she does, but she imagines doing those things to her longtime crush. I would recommend this book to 6th grade catholic school attendees because, though the author missed the mark, it will allow them to live vicariously through Haley while simultaneously reminding them of Christian morals.

Review by Anev, age 16, Northgate Branch

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