Getting to know your librarians – Cheresse




What should we call you?

Where can we find you?
The Southwest Branch Library

Why teen services?
I like the books, especially the dystopias, and the editing is so much better than adult (especially in sci-fi). Plus, I don’t like being bored and this is the most entertaining job I ever came across – where else could you get paid to play video games, make jewelry, henna tattoos, watch movies, and have interesting conversations about books with someone who has an opinion, and be asked to find information on ANYTHING from Andreas Vesalius to locating copies of music of the indigenous people of Haiti?

Favorite reference resource (print and/or online)?
Print – a thesaurus

Currently my favorite reference resource is Culture Grams because it gives indepth analysis of a country’s history, culture, mannerisms, and food.

Favorite book of all time and favorite book right now?
All time – The Bible (NW translation)
Right now – Code Name Verity



You live in Seattle – To umbrella or not to umbrella?
Not. I like getting drenched and when I don’t want to get drenched I wear a hat/scarf combo.

The best thing about living in Seattle is…
April – October.

We know you love Seattle but where would you most like to live?
I can’t answer that question. It changes all the time based on what book I’ve been reading. Here are some of the places I want or wanted to live: LA, Colorado, Montana, Tg Mures Romania, Paris, Washington DC, Berlin, Glasgow Scotland, London, Turkey, Egypt, Alaska, and it goes on and on. The best way I’ve come up with to make this happen is to sail around the world on a cruise-ship-like vessel until I get to port I’m interested in – travel around the city, country, and/or continent as long as I wish without a plan, and then somehow meet up with the ship and sail on to another place. Oh, and money would be no object and I’d meet fascinating people, live like they live, and eat incredible mind blowing food. Can anyone out there help me make this a reality?

What is your favorite word?
Salmagundi – look it up if you’re wondering

What is your motto?
“Make yourself useful . . . “

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