Movie Review of The Proposal

Don’t get me wrong, I love romantic comedies. In fact, two of my favorite chick flicks are Miss Congeniality, with Sandra Bullock, and Definitely, Maybe, with Ryan Reynolds. However, I can’t say I would add this rom-com, starring both of them, to my list of favorites.

 This movie is about Margaret, an uptight, polarizing book publisher played by Bullock, and her hard-working assistant Andrew (Reynolds). Everyone in the office is afraid of “the witch”, as they call her, and when she is threatened with deportation to Canada, she forces Andrew to agree to marry her. The movie takes place in Sitka, Alaska, where the “happy couple” is celebrating Andrew’s grandma’s birthday. The two put on a show of a loving couple when they can’t even stand to touch each other (you can probably guess what happens eventually).

 The chemistry between the stars is the best part, and it’s really fun watching them bite each other’s heads off. And the setting of Alaskan mountains and bays was breathtaking. Yet the fact that I left the theatre not having anything to say or knowing if I even liked the film doesn’t say much for the overall quality. There are some funny moments, but the only star that evoked any intense emotion was the cute family pet, an adorable Samoyed puppy, who caused me to squeal every time I saw him. As the movie struggles to find its purpose, is the ticket price really worth it? You’d be better off renting one of Bullock’s better comedies or going to an all-Samoyed-puppy dog park.

 Grade: B-

Margaret Kahn

One thought on “Movie Review of The Proposal

  1. Jen

    If anyone knows of an all-Samoyed-puppy dog park, I would love to find out where it is. I would like to move there.

    Also – I lived in Sitka when I was wee! It’s beautiful.


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