Sometimes you have to stand up to discuss a book


It’s the Southwest Teen Book Group, here.

We read Finding Lubchenko by Michael Simmons last Friday, and here is what we have to say about it:

Conor says, “Finding Lubchenko is a fast paced story with a complicated plot that kept me reading straight through the whole book. It has really good interaction between characters. It is one that I will read over and over again.”

Kenaia says, “Finding Lubchenko was a very interesting book. It made me think a lot about our society, as it was placed in Seattle. I enjoy it when authors twist the plot enough so that it’s slightly confusing but still fairly comprehendible. All in all, it was a creatively written and well-written book. I highly recommend it.”

Sydney says, “Finding Lubchenko is a funny yet slightly serious novel that gets to the important points of the story. It is a very good book that I would very much recommend.”

Eloise says, “Greetings. Finding Lubchenko was a great book that draws you in. It has cool characters, and a fast plot. I really enjoyed this book.”

Is it worthy of reading? Decide for yourself.

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