Book Review: Reality Check

realitycheckLGReality Check is the story of 17-year-old Cody Laredo, star quarterback of his high school football team and boyfriend to the smart, beautiful, and wealthy Clea Weston. In the summer before his junior year, everything seems to be going right for Cody – until he finds out that Clea is being sent to boarding school in Vermont. And after school starts, things only get worse. During the big football game, he injures his knee and is told he will not be able to play the rest of the season. Downhearted, Cody drops out of school and gets a job hauling lumber. Then one day he sees a newspaper headline: “Local Girl Missing.” It turns out Clea, now his ex-girlfriend, has disappeared from her boarding school. A few days later, Cody receives a letter from Clea, sent the morning of her disappearance. With the letter as his only clue, he sets out across the country to solve the mystery and find Clea.

            This suspenseful mystery is just another from Peter Abrahams, author of the bestselling Echo Falls series. Though perhaps not the most original or creative suspense story ever written, it will still please any mystery lover. Reality Check’s page-turning plot will keep you hooked, and the final climactic twist is sure to surprise you.

Review by Callan, teen blogger

3 thoughts on “Book Review: Reality Check

  1. Treasure

    I liked this book, but I think that his Echo Falls books are better. I appreciated that Cody was an imperfect hero who learns more about himself and what he is capable of during the story, without it getting too After School Special-y.


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