My Summer Library Job

Hey Teens, Komal here!


I just wanted to share with you guys the awesome experience I had while working at the Delridge and High Point libraries this summer. So, this summer I did a lot fun things. So fun that I didn’t feel like I was at work.

Both libraries had many summer programs and my job was to help set up the equipment for those activities. But when that was over I got to join the fun! In the beginning I was I a little shy but once I got the feel of my surroundings I felt more comfortable talking to library patrons. Working at two different libraries gave me the chance to talk to a wide variety of people. Each branch has different people with different personalities and I learned how to work with both.

Summer Reading Program 2009: For this program I worked mainly with Shannon and Amy, the children’s librarians of Delridge and High Point. I helped eager readers sign up for summer reading and when they realized how fun and easy it is they hurriedly signed up for it. Both libraries also had many fun programs like Game Night, Henna Mania and Duct Tape Mania in which I worked mostly with Cheresse over at Delridge. Working here at the library helped me gain really good personal relations skills which I know I will be using for very long time. I gained a lot of knowledge and experience that I will need to know when I get a job in the future. Cheresse, Shannon and I compared my work skills from the beginning of the summer till now and I realized how much I have improved. I am no longer shy to speak with library patrons and I know how to handle situations in a proper professional way. I want to thank everyone who helped me this summer!

I also got to put out a display of books in the Teens area of Delridge Branch, so be sure to look out for my favorite books in the next few weeks.

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