Movie Review: All About Steve

Think about all the cinematic couples you’ve rooted for over the years. Jack and Rose, Ross and Rachel, even Pocahontas and John Smith. We want these people to be together, and we truly feel for them and let ourselves be pulled into their torrid relationships. This is not the case in All About Steve.

 All About Steve makes Sandra Bullock’s June hit, The Proposal, play like Citizen Kane. The movie stars Bullock as a hyper, almost savant-like crossword puzzle creator who never stops talking. She goes on a blind date with Steve (Bradley Cooper) and is instantly smitten, though he is not. Hijinks ensue as she follows him and his news crew around the country, oblivious to the obvious fact that he loathes her.

 Mary is insanely annoying, 24/7. Her quirks are supposed to be endearing, but having met people like her, I can attest to the fact that her personality is far from loveable when you actually have to work with someone like that. That being said, she isn’t a bad person, and I felt uncomfortable watching this woman with absolutely no self-awareness make a complete fool of herself as she gets in everyone’s way. This does not make for a fun movie-watching experience.

 And as a rule of thumb, romantic comedies are meant to make the viewer feel warm and fuzzy and excited about the possibilities of life (Who says it’s not possible to fall in love with a widower in Seattle?!). Instead, I left the theater feeling bad about myself and dreading adult life.

 I chuckled maybe once at some of the average supporting characters, but even Bradley Cooper’s crazy-amazing blue eyes couldn’t save this dud of a film.

 Grade: D

-Margaret K.

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