Inspired to write?


There are so many people who enjoy writing, but it seems not many ever get published. That is not the case for some young adults here in Seattle who can write and do. The following books are compliations of students’ writings.

It’s Not Always Happily Ever After: lessons in family life from the students of John Marshall and American Indian Heritage Schools is both uplifting at times and positively heartbreaking at others. There is a wonderful foreword by Sherman Alexie who puts it simply, “please, listen.”

What It Takes: stories of bravery is by students of Hamilton International Middle School and 826 Seattle. This book is the final in a four part series. The stories feature the students as courageous main characters. Failure is not an option. My only issue is the text size which is a bit on the small side.

There are many other books by teens here in Seattle. To view a list in our catalog click here.

4 thoughts on “Inspired to write?

  1. Callan

    Another great example of teen writing is the Writers in the Schools Anthology, which is put out every year by Seattle Arts and Lectures. The anthology is full of poems and prose by students of all ages in Seattle. If your school participated, it may be in your school library!

  2. Lee

    I just took a look at “What it Takes” and it has some really cool short stories. I like the idea that it was made right here in Seattle and features local teen writers.

  3. Jen

    I just finished “Having Them Here: Family Portraits” – the 2nd anthology by Hamilton International Middle School, another 826 publication. I liked these short stories and prose because they were by middle school students – they were awesome.


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