Too Beautiful To Not Listen To

Seldom do I find myself with enough time for anything but homework and school these days – yet one, admittedly random, thing remains a fixture in my busy everyday routine: TBTL.  It would never occur to me that a podcast could be a thing of such familiarity or of such comfort.  Yet, this is exactly what the podcast Too Beautiful To Live (TBTL) has become in my own life – an integral and rather important part of my functioning day.

Explaining what TBTL is is a challenge.  Host Luke Burbank, producer Jen Andrews, and engineer Sean DeTore are perhaps the largest reasons why TBTL is so enjoyable – basically they talk about everything. They talk about music, sports, pop culture, art, top news stories; they interview bands and notable people in the media, but the most distinctive aspect of TBTL is that it is largely compromised of personal accounts and stories by the hosts.  TBTL also offers a refreshing and much needed respite from typical political ranting which have for so long pervaded the world of radio and podcasts.  Yet TBTL still retains its ability to be both emotionally and intellectually stimulating without being boring.

Intern Robin with host Luke, engineer Sean, and producer Jen.

Essentially, TBTL is a conversation between three long time friends. It’s ironic, it’s sarcastic, it’s hilarious, it has the feeling of “a big inside joke that everybody can be in on” producer Jen Andrews notes. And much like a television show whose characters you come to know and love, the three friends who host TBTL hold a special place in their listeners’ hearts.  Different from your favorite television show however, the listeners can actually meet their favorite characters from TBTL.  In past years, TBTL has hosted karaoke parties, a “prom,” a roller skating party, and even a TBTL event at a Mariners game where host Luke Burbank threw the opening pitch.

For those who appreciate irony, good music, friendly people, you will find yourself suddenly in love with TBTL.  The best way I can describe TBTL is an ultra-condensed stew of laughter, music, and strangely enough, family.  Having a bad day? One bite of TBTL stew and you’ll feel a whole lot better.

TBTL is a Seattle-based podcast, and you can find it here.

Podcast review by Patrick, 17

6 thoughts on “Too Beautiful To Not Listen To

  1. Jack

    Rawr indeed! I used to lsiten to all the right wing conservative shows, I also tried to find some Air America stuff but I got burned out. Then I discovered TBTL. I love Jen’s stories from the road, hope it becomes a regular feature, Sean’s running around trying to do everything at once (have not caught his Podcast yet) and then there is Luke. What can you say about Luke he just sort of invites into his home and tells you about the funniest stuff. His girlfreind Vanessa is awesome (and a great voice for the radio). So tune in and if we can just figure out how to pay the gang so we don’t loose the show?????


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