P.C. Cast Loves the Swears

pc and kristin cast (taken with a cellphone)Remember that author event we told you about a few weeks ago? You know, the one with P.C. and Kristin Cast, the mother-daughter writing team behind the House of the Night Series. I went and it was great! These two ladies are funny and gracious. They provided the answers to burning questions and offered up some secrets about the series. The Q & A session lasted over 30 minutes so I’ll just give you a brief rundown.

  • According to them, Seattle is pretty and smells like Christmas. While, apparently, during this time of year, Oklahoma smells like ragweed.
  • Want to know how the books are written when there are two authors? – so did I. In P.C. Cast’s own words, “This is what happens, we brainstorm about each book then, I ignore everything we’ve said together, usually, and I write the entire book. In the text of the book I write questions to Kristin and I leave blanks – a lot of the pop references and some analogies.” P.C. sees the book like a movie in her head and loves research (and libraries!). She is also a former high school English teacher.
  • The book series has been optioned for a movie. The authors don’t have any control over the casting and at this point, the movie is still in script form. If you think you are perfect Zoey/Damien/Shaunee/Erin/Jack/Stevie Rae, they encourage you to contact Michael Birnbaum at Empire Pictures (he is the producer).
  • Zoey is modeled after Kristin during her teen years but she is not Kristin’s favorite character. Kristin doesn’t have a favorite character and she hates the Twins so much that she has threatened to kill them off. P.C. identifies with Aphrodite and finds her the easiest character to write.
  • To P.C. and Kristin, Eric Night looks like Tom Welling (of Smallville), James Stark like a young James Dean, and Heath is based on a real-live friend of Kristin’s named Heath.Tom Welling and James Dean
  • When the topic of Zoey’s love life came up, they were both clear on their feelings on girls choosing their life partner before reaching adulthood – it nauseates them!

[Kristin] Who is Zoey going to end up, Phyllis
[PC] Zoey is going to end up with no one while she is not even of legal age. Okay?
[Kristin] That’s true. Because it kind of nauseates us that people think that a 17 year old girl should choose her life partner
[PC] You live way to long to be tied down that soon

  • You may just cry when you read Tempted. I’ve read it – don’t worry, Zoey doesn’t die. There are 12 planned books in the series and since Tempted is the 6th book it would be a little hard to continue the series without the main character! They are 62 pages into Burned, which will be released on May 27, 2010.
  • They do have plans for another YA series, it’s pretty top secret and the most they would say is that it has a post-apocalyptic setting, ala Joss Whedon (Firefly/Serenity).
  • Finally, here is another little clip from the event. P.C. was sharing a story from when Kristin was young:

[PC] I was driving
[Kristin] And cursing
[PC] I said the F-word and she, she looked at me…P.C. stands for Phyllis Christine…and said Phyllis, you would be so much more attractive if you didn’t use that word.
[Kristin] It was a valid point.
[PC] (laughing) You were such hilarious kid! And then I went, F-word, F-word, F-word, and she went, ugh. Kristin is, no matter how hard I’ve tired, she’s a non-drinker just like Zoey and I’m firmly in the camp of drinking as my drug of choice. Kristin…she’s just more boring than I am.
[Kristin] I’m not boring!

If you want to read the entire Q & A click here

I recommend reading it…there’s a lovely little part about how PC kills a character that was modeled after a particularly annoying student she used to have!

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