Homework Help: CIA – The World Factbook

ciaworldfactbook2 As someone who has been in school for over ten years, I can pretty much guarantee that every student will have to do a report on a country at some point. These are usually not too difficult, unless of course your teacher demands such detailed information as population growth rates or rates of oil consumption. Now, if your teacher does ask for this kind of info, can you imagine a better source than the Central Intelligence Agency? If they don’t know this stuff, who will?
The CIA World Factbook is a popular source among teachers because of the extensive information it provides, as well as the accuracy of this information. The Factbook has a page for every country and territory in the world. When I had to find information about the tiny islands of St. Kitts and Nevis (which I didn’t even know existed), the Factbook was there to back me up. Every page shows the country’s flag, location, and map, as well as facts about its geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, and military. The Factbook’s greatest strength is definitely the detail of this information; I’m pretty darn sure that you won’t find this kind of data on other websites. So whether you’re writing an essay on the economy of Switzerland or you just need to look up a few facts about Japan, the CIA’s World Factbook is sure to be a valuable resource.

Review by Callan, teen blogger

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