How to Get Good Grades…

Contrary to what many students may think, getting good grades is quite easy if you put your mind to it!

The first step (as dumb as it sounds) is…DO YOUR HOMEWORK!! This is the part that nobody wants to do. But it just happens to be the most important part!  Doing your homework will help you learn the material.  It makes it stick in your brain. That is the whole reason teachers assign homework…not to be mean but to help you really learn the material. Doing your homework also prepares you for a test.

Tests are usually the greatest percentage of your grade, and are the biggest deal. So this is another reason to do your homework, you get to know the material on the test.  This in turn will boost your grade even more because if you do well on the test, your grade will go up. Doing your homework will do the same thing!

And lastly…pay attention and participate in class. This will help you on tests and homework and will also get the teacher on your side. Teachers always give better grades to kids who pay attenton.

So…just work hard and concentrate! You can do it!. That’s my advice. It will pay off in the end!

~Mack, Teen Center Advisor

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