The World of Webcomics

Cat Proximity

The internet is slowly absorbing everything that used to be found only in print. Newspapers? Some have even stopped publishing in favor of a cheaper website. Books? E-books are starting to become readily available online. And now, webcomics have become a slowly growing business. Also known as internet comics or online comics, webcomics can go from graphic novels to comic strips, all published only on the internet.

One of my personal favorites is xkcd, which, as author Randall Munroe states, does not actually stand for anything. xkcd, however, is one of the few four letter strings that has no phonetic pronunciation. xkcd mixes a strange combination of internet culture, computer science jargon, and minimal art to make something extremely appealing.

Some other great webcomics are: VG Cats, a video game webcomic centering around two cats, Aeris and Leo; Questionable Content, a story about a boy, his robot, and the coffee shop of Doom; and Allan, an autobiographical webcomic.

-Kian, 14, Teen Center Advisor

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