Podcast Review: Stories in the Raw

Moths are perhaps the most disregarded beings in the animal kingdom.  They are plain, dressed solely in drab neutrals, and they are forever living in the shadow of their kaleidoscopic cousin the butterfly.  They are condemned to live in the dark while secretly desiring light.  Moths are swatted, eaten, stepped upon, generally a downtrodden member of the biosphere.  Yet, there is perhaps one redeeming quality about a moth, and it is that it shares the same name as The Moth Podcast.

The Moth is a non-profit, New York-based podcast which gives its listeners choice stories told at its theatrical events in cities like New York and Boston.  The Moth is akin to an open mike night at a comedy club, but rather than comedy, it is true stories which the participants bestow upon the listeners.  The stories usually follow a theme like “going out on a limb” or “thriller” – all are thoroughly enjoyable.  The most concise answer to why The Moth is such an extraordinary piece of art is that every story is completely and utterly raw – it’s not rehearsed, it’s not scripted, it is stripped of all literary and theatrical embellishment; it is simply a story told.

Another great asset to the podcast is that it requires a very small investment of time (a story is typically ten to twenty minutes).  Yet each minute of the audio experience is positively crammed with true harrowing accounts of love, loss, fear, laughter, tears; by the end of the whole ordeal, one has the strange sensation that one has just read a novel, or watched an entire movie, or even lived the tale recounted in the short time.  Each passing second of each story seems to be more profound than the last and even when the story is a comical one, there is always a message to be had.

It is rare that one finds such a literary and artistic gem as The Moth among the sands that is the realm of podcasts.  The Moth is an oddity, a beautiful quirk which doesn’t have a plot or a cast of characters, but rather houses innumerable stories begging to be heard.  So while The Moth operates under the guise of a rather repulsive creature, it is a mere façade for something far more extraordinary.

-Patrick, 17, Teen Center Advisor

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