Homework Help: HistoryLink


     Every high school student in the Seattle School District is required to take one semester of Washington State History in order to graduate. If you are currently taking this class, or if you’re planning on taking it soon, listen up, because HistoryLink could be a really valuable resource for you.

            What is HistoryLink? It’s a free online encyclopedia of Washington State History that is funded by the state, King County, and the city of Seattle, as well as other local companies and organizations. HistoryLink has over 5000 essays and articles on people, places, and events from Washington history, and almost all of them were written specially for HistoryLink by staff, volunteers, contract writers, and consulting experts.

            The site is meant to be a resource for students, teachers, journalists, researchers, and anyone else who is interested in Washington State history. It has articles on the history of many cities and towns in Washington (such as Bellevue, Aberdeen, and Des Moines), as well as biographies of important people. There are also slide shows, cybertours, timelines, and stories and letters written by Washingtonians past and present. HistoryLink also has interesting features like the quote of the week, image of the week, and events that took place on this day in past years (for example, on Dec. 13th in 1894, a demonstration of Thomas Edison’s new Kinetoscope was shown in Seattle). So if you need to research a particular place, person, or event from Washington State history, check out HistoryLink. Who knows? You might even learn something new about your home state!

 Website review by Callan, teen blogger

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