Bodies! Gross….or actually cool?

I was very, very reluctant to go to the Bodies exhibit. Unless it’s epic movie gore, I can’t even glimpse blood, and I cover my ears when people talk about shots. Much to my chagrin, my Biology class took a field trip to the exhibit, which is back in Seattle for the second time. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t half bad.

Sure, I wouldn’t want one of the bodies in my room, but they weren’t really as gross and gory as expected. When I first entered the exhibit, I didn’t think they were real. Trying not to imagine the bodies when they were living, breathing people, I got a literally up-close look at all the intricate pieces of muscle and tissue that compose us. The coolest body parts in the show were easily the capillaries they had soaking in water tanks, because they were so delicate and beautiful that they reminded me of a picturesque botanical garden.

While unquestionably controversial, the fetus portion was the most interesting because it actually resonated with me. It was strange to see what we all looked like before we were born, and definitely left me thinking when I left.

My biggest complaint is that it was much too small. I looked at everything with close attention to detail and still barely spent an hour in there. I think to be worth the steep ticket price, a museum exhibit should at least occupy two hours worth of “sight-seeing”.

Even though it’s somewhat of a macabre place, I would recommend going if studying the human body in your textbook just doesn’t give you a feel of what you truly are on the inside.

 -Margaret, 15, Teen Center Advisor

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