The Joy of Being a Senior

I thought senior year was going to be fun, since it is the last year of high school, after all!

But, well, I was wrong.

You see, being senior is far from fun. Being a senior means this is your last year to actually have fun and to be a fun reckless teenager. Because after being senior, you are on your own. You can’t count on your parents to bail you out from something and you can’t count on your friends to help you with missing homework.

You have two options, really. Either get a job, or go to college. I choose the latter; I’m not prepared to get a job and support myself. College isn’t always the right option – it’s a personal preference and it depends on YOU.

Some people say college is fun – you get to sleep in late and you get to party everyday! (If you’re into that kind of stuff, of course.) Honestly, the process of applying to college is depressing – trust me.

Usually, you have to write essays for college applications though most of them are personal statements. You should write something about YOURSELF. Write about a moment that shapes who YOU are. Tell us about YOUR family background. Tell us how YOUR diverse background affects you.

I love writing, but when it comes to writing about myself, I give up. You have so much to write about, but you are limited to 650 words. You have too much to think about yet, you are limited to something significant about yourself. What’s significant about me? What’s significant about you? What if it’s actually irrelevant?

I’ve been working on my personal statement for weeks now and I have yet to come up with a personal statement that I actually like. I’ve been redrafting and redrafting in an attempt to achieve perfection. The deadline is coming and perfection feels so far away.

Anyway, it is not like I want to scare you about going to college. I’m pretty sure this is all going to be worth it someday. I’m pretty sure it is my lack of preparation that gives me problems.

Take this as advice. Start thinking about college starting now. Yeah, it seems like you still have a long time, but you will realize how fast the time flies by. Start preparing: take your SAT starting now, think about something significant about yourself to write about, and think about what you want to be when you grow up. If college is not what you want I guess you can get a job. But, I’m pretty sure you’re gonna get the same tedious process.

The bottom line is be prepared. You are going to be an adult soon.  Here are a couple of books to get you started:

100 Successful College Application Essays, by the staff of the Harvard Independent

How to Write a Winning College Application Essay, by Michael James Mason

-Ogi, Teen Center Advisor, 18

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