Cell Phones in Class

cellDisclaimer- this is my personal opinion and is not one shared by The Seattle Public Library and all subsidiary groups which take no responsibility for the consequences of executing ideas posed in this blog post.

There. Now that I’ve cleared that up, I can tell you my idea. Actually, first one more warning: if people who twist definitions and implications to get what they want really annoy you, stop reading now. So now for my (not so bright) idea. How many of you have been asked by a teacher to put away your cell phone? I’m willing to bet that it’s happened to some of you. Of those who this has happened to, how many of you realized that your teacher had just given you permission to take out your cell phone and use it? Probably very few. However, if your teacher said “Please put away your phone,” you can interpret that as an invitation to use your phone after you put it away, because you can argue an implied permission to directly contradict the request after the designated period of time. With no designated time frame, you are welcome to take your phone back out right away. WARNING: Listen carefully to what your teacher says. This does not work if they specify a time frame. WARNING: This really pisses teachers off.

Of course, if your teacher uses a simple “Put that away,” you can simply purposefully accidentally misunderstand them and put away, say, your pen.

-Aidan,  14, Teen Center Advisor

As a side note, you can use your cell phone in the library sans the ringer as long as you are quiet. –Jesten

3 thoughts on “Cell Phones in Class

  1. Steve

    I hope, on behalf of society, teachers and adults; this is satirical and advice should be taken with a grain of salt.

    I’m around teachers at my internship and the last thing I want my students to do is whip out their phone. 40 minutes is not enough time to teach art, and with the freedom that art gives, the last thing we’d want is students to abuse that freedom.

    *displeased face*


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