Homework Help: Quizlet


            Ah, the dreaded vocabulary test! For those of us who do not have photographic memories, they can be very difficult to study for. For many years I relied upon simply having someone quiz me by reading aloud a word’s definition, and then I would try to remember the word. But now I have a better method: Quizlet.

It’s a free website that anyone can use, as long as you make an account. Once you sign up, the first thing to do is make a flashcard set. All you have to do for one of these is plug in the words you need to learn and their definitions, and you’re ready to start studying for that next vocab test! Quizlet gives you five ways to practice: Familiarize, Learn, Test, Scatter, and Space Race. Familiarize is the basic, flashcard-style method, where you are given a term and you can choose to look at the definition if you need to. Learn is a fill-in-the-blank style, where you type your answer. Test is my personal favorite because it gives you a variety of question styles – fill-in-the-blank, matching, multiple choice, and true/false. Scatter is a game where you drag the word to its definition, or vice versa. You are timed, and you can play over and over to try and beat your best time. Space Race gives you a limited amount of time to type your answers, and if you do well enough, you move on to the next level. And if you’re someone who learns better with friends, try starting a group on Quizlet, so you and your classmates can study together.

            No matter what method works best for you, Quizlet can help you in every class, for every subject. Need to learn some words for Spanish? No problem. Have to learn the state capitals for Geography? Piece of cake. With Quizlet by your side, you’re sure to be ready for your next vocab test!

Website review by Callan, teen blogger

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