Music Review: Internationally Known, Tokio Hotel

Have you ever considered bands from non-English speaking countries who have come to the U.S. to make it big? It might be hard to come up with one, which is what I think makes Tokio Hotel unique. As a German pop-rock band, they first became successful in their own country, and then in most of Europe as well. However, all of their first recorded in songs were in German, which limited their audience. They began to translate all of their songs to English to reach out to other countries and other fans. tokio_hotel_humanoid_coverSo though they had already been a band for many years, people in the U.S. were just beginning to listen to them.

You might already know Tokio Hotel by their androgynous frontman/singer Bill Kaulitz, or his gangster-looking twin brother and guitarist, Tom, but you probably have never really looked into them. Their new album Humanoid, is what I first listened to about a couple weeks ago after hearing one of their songs from a Verizon Droid commercial.

This album impressed me so much because I happen to like almost every single song on it, which is very rare for someone as picky as me. Compared to their earlier album, Scream, it is a little more hardcore than their old emo-pop sound. It’s great anthem-rock, which is fun to listen to, and shows how great one of their live shows could be. But after listening to the lyrics in many of the songs, you can get this heart-wrenching feeling from it. They mix a little poppish-rock into a stadium sound with deep lyrics, and that’s what makes them and their music so unique. Being the biggest group out of Germany in at least 20 years, Tokio Hotel rocks, literally. So check them out at the library nearest you.

-Emma, 15, Teen Center Advisor

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