Manga for the New Year

The new year is upon us and what better way to celebrate than by reading a new or slightly used manga?


This manga is about an English “magister,” Negi, who has been given an assignment to teach at a Japanese high school. The catch is, he’s 10 years old and it’s an all girl’s school. Of course, all sorts of antics ensue revealing the history of the school and characters. Negi tries to keep the fact that he’s a magister secret as long as he can, but one by one, peopleĀ find out.


Gimmick! is about a Japanese special effects artist, Kohei, whose special tool is a silver spatula he keeps around his neck. The story follows him and his “sidekick,” a professional stuntman, in one-shot stories. Kohei treats most of life like a joke, but when it comes to his work he becomes deathly serious.

Death Note

is about an idealist senior in high school, Light (yes, that is his name), who finds a notebook that claims to be able to kill whoever’s name is written in it. After testing it, Light finds the notebook to be legitimate and starts killing the world’s criminals in order to create a utopia. The police hire a famous detective, known as L, to track him down. Light and L have many intellectual battles in this gripping psychological thriller.

Gin Tama

Well, the entire manga can nearly be summed up by the below picture. Gin Tama follows Gintoki, a samurai out of work in Edo (Tokyo) that has been taken over by aliens. This comedy manga is extremely random at times and is always a pleasure to read.


–Cole, 17, Teen Center Advisor

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