Who is to say what it is or isn’t? Poetry is a multifaceted entity. Metaphor. Simile. Imagery. Connections. It is all of that and more. You can do it any time any place for any reason with anyone. To expand on this even more, you don’t have to have any rhyme or reason. It is a world wide phenomenon which I dare not make a definition for because someone else would just come by and replace it with another one. It can be used for personal exploration, public expression,  or entertainment; because it’s your opinion. 

If you enjoy words perhaps this art is for you. Of course, let me just say that the listeners are as equally important as the writers. For all intents and purposes this relationship can be described as the tides. It’s about pushing and pulling and changing and growing because of it. If you like concerts and want to “rock out” with creativity go to a poetry slam or an open mic. They can alter your mind in the best possible ways.

For everyone, though, finding a book and falling into its pages is an excellent idea. Some authors of note are Nikki Giovanni, Allen Ginsberg, Sherman Alexie and Federico Garcia Lorca. Obviously, there are countless more poets and creative individuals out there just waiting for you to read their work–and then perhaps be inspired by it and go create your own!

~Isaiah, Teen Center Advisor

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