Series Review: CHERUB

                      What is one key weakness that many large-scale criminals have? Their children. MI5, the British CIA, has realized this fact and is using this to thier advantage to bring dangerous prepetrators to justice.

After the sudden death of his mother, troublemaker James Adams suddenly finds himself on the campus of CHERUB, a facility which trains child secret agents. Suddenly, James’ life is turned completely upside down, and he must learn to do things he has never imagined, including intense physical and mental challenges. While trying to make friends with his fellow recruits, James must undergo basic training, an intense 100 day course which is the schooling necessary to be counted as a full-fledged agent. Once he achieves this status, he can begin to go on missions to track down robbers, solve murders, bust major drug-trafficking adventures, and more. 

The reader is able to get to know James and the struggles that he is going through in this fast paced adventure, the first book of twelve. Though not all volumes are available in the United States yet, the library has the first six books of this engaging series.

Review by Emma, 15, Teen Blogger.

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