Movie Review: Groundhog Day

As the holiday approaches, I thought it only fitting to introduce to you one of my all time favorite movies . . . Groundhog Day.

Self absorbed, egotistical weatherman, Phil Connors (played by the always hilarious Bill Murray), has had to cover the same assignment for years . . . and has never liked it. The assignment: travel to hick town Punxutawney, Pennsylvania and cover the annual Groundhog Day celebration consisting of asking the groundhog, Punxutawney Phil, if there will be six more weeks of winter. This year, he is teamed up with a beautiful, fun-loving producer, Rita, and a smart-alec cameraman.  Unfortunately, this year is even worse for him.  As soon as he thinks he is done with this assignment, he discovers that he will have to relive all the events of this day (over and over and over)  until he gets it right. But getting it right is a struggle for him and is hysterical to watch.

This is a must watch…put it on hold at the library NOW!

~Mack, Teen Center Advisor

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