Music Review: Landon Pigg + requesting media from the library

Have you heard the song Falling In Love At a Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg? You may not know it, but you have probably listened to this song before. This is because it was featured in a 2009 AT&T commercial. This particular song is also part of an album called The Boy Who Never, which was released by Landon Pigg in 2009 as his second full album. Falling in Love At a Coffee Shop is undoubtedly the most popular song on the album, but it is also full of many other soft pop songs that feature clever lyrics and catchy melodies. Did you also know that this album was recently added to the library catalog? This means that, if you are into easy-to-listen-to songs that are sung with a smooth voice, you should definitely check it out.

However, if that doesn’t sound like your particular cup of tea, there is another way for you to get interesting music from the library if it isn’t already in the catalog. It’s true, there is a way to request that certain books, movies, CD’s, etc are added to the library’s inventory( In fact, this is how Landon Pigg’s album was even added to the library’s collection). Another bonus: you can do it online in under 5 minutes!

-Sara, Teen Center Advisor, 16

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