Winter getaway

Trying to lift those spirits this winter? A great getaway place is Lake Chelan in eastern Washington. There are tons of things to do there not only during the summer but during the winter too. I was up there just a few days ago admiring the snow and the wintery feeling of frost-bitten noses. Having no snow in Seattle was a big bummer this year for me especially since winter is my favorite time of year, so I was excited to hear my family and I would be spending a few days in the wicked cold of Chelan, Washington!

Chelan is a small town on the bottom end of a huge lake, where during the summer the blistering heat makes you want to jump into the icy release; however, during the winter you might not want to do that at the risk of frostbite. Even though the temperatures might not be what some people enjoy, there are still many things to do during the winter months in Chelan. (Check out this website for more information about Chelan!) 

Winter Wonderland Specialties in Chelan:

  1. Walk around town and experience the delicate ice sculptors of the Fire and Ice weekend extravaganza. This year there was one of SpongeBob and Patrick at his pineapple!
  2. If you’re into art check out the art galleries.  There are a few of them so make sure to check them all out. One of my favorite local artists is Blackaby.  My dad is a big fan of his and has decorated our condo in Chelan with oil paintings of the scenery around the lake. You can check out his work at the cafe Vogue, and here is a picture of some of his paintings.
  3. For the ladies out there, there are quite a number of lovely shops to choose from. Lulu Boutique is a big hit, a new addition to the town, but beloved all the same (view the shop online). The beauty supply store is chock full of nail polish and hair supplies. Blue Moon has clothes for all ages.
  4. For the guys coming in, there are also a few stores to check out. For example, the Sports store full of sports equipment from snorkeling in the summer to snowboarding in the winter. If you are looking for something for that special someone, check out the Goldsmith jewelry store where the lovely rings and earrings are handmade.
  5. Wanting to go run around in mountains of snow? Go a little ways past Chelan and enter into Echo Valley, where you can ski, snowboard, inner tube, snowmobile, sled or have a snowball fight.
  6. If you want to just lay back and relax after fulfilling this entire list, I would recommend sitting down in a comfy chair and reading a book. New books can be found either online at or go to your local library to find good books to curl up to.

Here are links to some books that might be helpful if you do go to Chelan:

Learn about Lake Chelan

If you do go to Chelan during the next few months of winter, I hope you try some things on my list and find them as enjoyable as I do.

~Cerise, Teen Center Adviser

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