Comixtravaganza: The Aftermath

Last month, I had a chance to participate in the finale of Seattle Public Library’s events, Comixtravaganza — the third Comixtravaganza held by Seattle Public Library.

The event started with a comic workshop at 1 p.m., but since we (the teen volunteers) were helping to organize the event we arrived at the library at 12 p.m. We had a short brief before the event started, and we also helped Jennifer and Hayden to set up the room and prepare the drawing utensils for the participants.

To kick off the event, two local cartoonists, David Lasky and Greg Stump, provided an interesting workshop on how to make a comic. Personally, I really enjoyed the workshop despite the fact that I am a terrible when it comes to drawing. There was so much stuff I learned from this workshop, never did I know that making a comic is not as complicated as I once thought!

The participants of the workshop varied from children to adult (which was surprising, I honestly didn’t think adults would participate in this event, but what do I know?) They all seemed to enjoy the workshop. David Lasky and Greg Stump really know how to interact with the crowd; not only did they teach the participants, they also entertained the participants through their jokes!

The workshop finished at 3 p.m.  It was a really amazing workshop!

The workshop was followed by Peter Bagge talking about his artworks — which were pretty interesting!

Overall, the event turned out to be awesome — it exceeded my expectations. I didn’t think a lot of people would come to the event, but I was wrong! And the experience of helping the library to organize the event is also priceless. For those people who have never participated in the library’s event, I really advise you to start participating!

–Ogi, 18, Teen Center Adviser

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