Some Favorite Manga Picks

It seems some people are strictly novel readers and others are strictly manga readers. Normally I read novels, but I do happen to have a couple favorite mangas that I keep up with and love to read.

First is Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya, which I discovered when I randomly grabbed the anime off my branch’s shelf because the plot sounded semi-interesting. I immediately became obsessed with it and started reading the manga as well. It’s about a high school girl named Tohru, who had recently lost her mother. After finding out she was living in a tent in the middle of the forest, she gets taken in by one of her classmates and his roommates. Soon, she discovers that they are part of a family that are possessed by the Zodiac animals, and whenever one of them gets hugged by the opposite gender, they turn into their zodiac animal! This manga keeps you turning the pages, filled with dark secrets and curses and hilarious scenes.

Next is Emma by Kaoru Mori. I picked this one up because the main character happens to have the same name as me, and I was intrigued. It turned out to be a great story with very lovable characters and beautiful drawings. It’s about a young housemaid in Victorian Era England named Emma. She falls for a rich young man, whose governess is Emma’s boss. The story follows Emma as she and William try to keep their relationship together despite the social differences.

And lastly, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. This is a crossover manga (and anime) from Clamp, involving the characters from Cardcaptor Sakura, xxxHolic, Chobits, and many others. I got into this one after watching the Cardcaptor Sakura anime, which I’ve loved since I was a little kid. In the story, a princess’s memories are scattered throughout the dimensions, and the boy in love with her will do anything to get them back. He joins two others in a quest to find them through many worlds and dimensions. I love this one because the setting changes so much and the characters are very vivid. The story is always changing as well and keeps you turning the pages.

-Emma, 15, Teen Center Adviser

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