Ghosts in Seattle

I recently went on the Market Ghost Tour in Pike Place Market. It may sound strange, but over the years there have been many ghost sightings in the Market, so much so that someone decided to start a tour to enlighten both tourists and locals about its somewhat creepy history.

I personally am not a believer in the paranormal and would still recommend this tour to anyone looking for a fun way to learn some history about the market. The guides that lead the hour-long tours are both knowledgeable and funny, making for an entertaining evening. Among the stories told during the tour, I learned that there once was a “doctor” who starved her patients to death as part of her “cure” for diseases, and that there were a number of children who died due to the Spanish influenza in 1918.

The tour runs at 5pm and 7pm most weekends and meets at the infamous gum wall (come prepared with your piece to add to the tradition). You can reserve your tickets ($15 per person) online or buy them on the day of the tour at the office in Post Alley.  For more information, go to In addition, if you want to learn more about ghosts in Seattle or want to brush up on your facts before the tour you can borrow Weird Washington or Ghost Hunter’s Guide to Seattle from the library.

-Sara, 16, Teen Center Adviser

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