A Glamorous Night At The Library: Teen Film Festival

Friday, March 5th, was an exciting night at Central Library. As the doors of the building closed at 6 p.m. and library patrons were ushered out, the night was really just beginning. Excited filmgoers packed the Microsoft Auditorium and buzzed about the new movies they were about to view. Teen-created films from the Northwest Film Forum, the Center School, Reel Grrls and 911 Media Arts Center were all being shown, and anticipation was high. As the lights went down a hush fell over the apprehensive crowd.

We were first greeted with a short film about a boy who received a gorilla suit, proceeded to put it on, and found it impossible to remove. This was truly my favorite film. While there were moments that had the audience laughing uproariously, it also made me ponder seriously about society and its expectations. It posed questions about ostracization, civilization, and roles in the eyes of the beholder that had me deep in thought. A sign of a great movie is that it leaves you with a memorable impression and causes you to reconsider viewpoints; this movie certainly did.

Two other interesting pieces were documentaries; one about the Seattle bicycle commuting group Critical Mass and the other about LARP (Live Action Role Play). Critical Mass impressed me because of its amazing camera work. The filmmaker somehow managed to ride through a group of 500 bicyclists and film them carousing the streets of downtown, from the perspective of a wheel. It offered lots of good viewpoints and diverse interview subjects. The film about LARP was hilarious (one of the main interview subjects looked like a more good-natured Darth Maul) and exciting. If you don’t know what LARP is, as I didn’t, it’s when people come together, dress up like fantasy creatures and medieval people, and have EPIC battles. It’s like Lord of the Rings + Capture the Flag + this awesome movie.

The glitzy evening closed with an artsy Center School short involving apples, good and evil, and Carkeek Park that made me feel like I was back at the San Francisco Modern Art Museum. It was accompanied by a collection of stop-motion clips created at the Northwest Film Forum’s summer camp.

As the screen rose and the lights came back up, awed moviegoers asked questions of the young directors and filed out of the theatre. Their stomachs full on cookies and juice, they ended the night eagerly awaiting the next chance to see original student-made films.

Did you read this review and sob into your keyboard because you missed such an awesome event? Don’t worry, because you can sign up to get alerts about future fun Teen events here!

-Margaret, 16, Teen Center Adviser

One thought on “A Glamorous Night At The Library: Teen Film Festival

  1. LindaJ

    Great review. Do you know if any of these films are available to preview online? I’d like to see them all (of course!) and the Critical Mass and gorilla films in particular. Thanks for the recap.


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