StumbleUpon Begone!

Let me first tell you. Never. Never ever ever ever for all the days that you are alive go to It will, without a doubt consume 50% of your productivity, it will double the time it takes you to do your homework.  That paper you thought you could write in 3 hours? Yeah, you’re going to need to budget a few more hours for that.  That math assignment you have been putting off? Well get on it because you will probably be “stumbling” for a couple of hours tonight. 

Regardless, I will tell you why StumbleUpon is perhaps the most amazing thing since sliced bread.  StumbleUpon is rather hard to explain.  First, you make an account, then you are prompted to fill out a checklist of things that interest you: anything from dogs, to cyberculture, to photography, to books, to fashion – basically any obscure niche you could possibly be interested in.  Then you are prompted to “stumble.” 

BEWARE! Clicking that friendly, sunshine-yellow button will set into motion a series of events that will ultimately lead to your addiction to StumbleUpon. Once you click, there is no turning back.  You are rocketed off through cyberspace, through billions and billions of web pages, until after about 0.67 seconds, you land on a website.  This is not some random web page plucked hap-hazardously off the internet; no, this is a page which was meticulously chosen based on the interests you checked earlier.  Each time you hit the “Stumble” button in the upper left hand corner, StumbleUpon brings you to a new, fantastic, beautiful, and incredibly fascinating page off of the internet.  I have been “stumbling” for almost a year now, and I have marked well over 150 pages in my favorite section of the site so I can revisit them.  They range from pictures of puppies, to undiscovered photography portfolios, a collection of surreal short films (one was a nominee for this year’s Oscar for best animated short), to instructions on how to make watermelon soap – literally anything and everything of any interest will be found on StumbleUpon.  But by all means, avoid this site at ALL COSTS. I mean, who would want to check it out anyway?

-Patrick, 17, Teen Center Adviser

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