Book Characters I Wish I Could Meet

This might sound cliché, but I want to meet the characters from the Twilight series. I don’t mean the actors from the movies (although I do want to meet them in person too, especially Taylor Lautner), but the characters from the books and how they are described by Stephenie Meyer. It’s pretty obvious that no one can look exactly like the Edward or Bella or Jacob Stephenie Meyer envisioned, it’s impossible.

I thought the the actors from the movie portray their characters well. I actually read the books after the movies came out so, when I imagine the characters in my mind they look like actors from the movies. What about you? If you read the books before the movies what is your vision of the Twilight characters? Are they different than what is on the big screen? Maybe you think of Edward being more sophisticated, Bella having lighter colored hair or Jacob being more tan. Are you happy with the way the movie was cast?

Have you experienced the phenomenon that is the Twilight series? If you haven’t, check if it is available at your local library branch


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