Enter Shikari

Most of you probably have never heard of Enter Shikari.

I can’t blame you, since they’re all the way from the UK!

Starting as a post hardcore band in 2003, Enter Shikari made their break through their debut album, “Take to the Skies” in 2007. Enter Shikari got a well reception from the British music scene because of their success in mixing the element of trance and hardcore- something innovative at that time (compared to the “new” bands these days, where they put too much emphasize on synth and auto tuner). The album itself, Take to the Skies, reached the #4 in the official UK album chart- pretty impressive for an indie band… not to mention they released their album through their own record company!

Enter Shikari is not your average band. Most bands are content with writing and composing music about breaking up and making up, not Enter Shikari. Their first album, Take to the Skies, revolves around their concern over youth generation. They address issues like bullying, respect and even about being “trapped in a scene”!

However, their second album (released in 2009), though is still revolving around youth generation, Common Dreads addresses issues that Take to the Skies did not address. In Common Dreads, Enter Shikari ask the youth generation to unite and make a change in our wrecked society. How many bands would actually write something about that kind of stuff? Not many!

If you’re not into screaming stuff, then I doubt their songs from Take to the Skies would be something you’d be interested in. However, Common Dreads is worth listening to. Even though there are still some hardcore elements in some of the songs, Common Dreads is much more mainstream compared to Take to the Skies– though both albums are awesome, to tell you the truth!  Unfortunately, the library does not own any Enter Shikari albums…. (*hint*hint*) but you can do something about that. How?  You can suggest items for the library to buy at any time?  Just go to this page and fill out the form!

Enter Shikari is coming to Seattle four weeks from today, on April 27th! They’ll be playing at Showbox Sodo along with bands like A Day to Remember and August Burns Red.  They actually put on one of the best live shows ever! I’ve seen them twice, one in a sold out show with Aiden (local superheroes!) and the other show was Enter Shikari as the headliner (though only less than 20 people came!). However, regardless of the audiences, Enter Shikari puts on a top notch energetic show!

If you’re interested, you can check out these videos:

–Ogi, 18, Teen Center Adviser

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