First Impressions of Central Library's Book Spiral

After the last Teen Center Advisor meeting that I attended, I had a very exciting experience. A few friends decided that I must see Central Library’s book spiral that I had, unfortunately, not had the privilege of visiting before. For those of you who are unacquainted with the book spiral (as I myself was until recently) I will give you a brief description of my first impressions.  

That my first words upon entry were “Look at all the knowledge in here,” may give some idea of the size of the place and the amount of books within.  The book spiral is a large chamber that wraps around the interior of the library on levels six through nine. But the odd thing about it is that there aren’t really floors. You see, it’s a spiral and seems to be one long continuous floor. And the books within the spiral seem to go on for eternity. I have never seen so many books in one place in my entire life, or so many ranging topics. Love and Rutabaga, Jihad and Jew Hatred, Tide Tables of 1908, American Electrician’s Handbook, and A Treasury of Great American Scandals were just a few of the books I saw.

I strongly advise you to visit the book spiral. If you are looking for a non-fiction book on anything – anything AT ALL – the book spiral will have it! 

-Mack, Teen Center Advisor

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