Style Blogs

Have you been in Capitol Hill or Downtown and noticed someone taking pictures of passersby? If so, you may have witnessed someone who is taking part in the widely growing trend of style blogging. Street style blogs are being recognized everywhere as a new way for avid photographers to capture inspiring fashion in action. Most people can’t help but be intrigued by fashion; seeing someone in a strange or creative ensemble will always inspire curiosity. The world of blogging has tuned into this fascination and the result is that hundreds of style blogs have been created all over the world.

Some of the more prominently known style blogs include, Jak & Jil, FaceHunter, and The Sartorialist, but there are also several blogs that are based in and focus on Seattle (needle +thread being one). While Seattle may be famous for its love of Birkenstocks and Polar Fleece, I happen to believe that we must be turning over a new leaf. Having perused the blogs of several Seattle-based bloggers, it’s clear that some people in Seattle have broken away from the well-known stereotype of sandals and socks. Even if you think you have no interest in fashion, style blogs are definitely something to be checked out. If you do take an interest in fashion you will be interested by many of the candid shots put forth by budding photographers. But if you don’t think fashion is worthwhile you will at least be entertained by the sometimes odd ensembles featured on these blogs.

The idea of capturing unique and creative style has also translated into the creation of several books based on street style. One that is at your Seattle Public Library is Street: the Nylon book of global style. This book, created by the fashion pioneers at Nylon Magazine, highlights cities all over the world that inspire major fashion trends and includes photographs to demonstrate. However, if this is not enough to satisfy your hunger for street style, The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman (also available at Seattle Public Libraries), and FaceHunter by Yvan Rodic have both been recently published.

-Sara, 16, Teen Center Advisor

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