Survival Tips for the Stranded Traveler

Eyjafjallajokull. Yes. Eyjafjallajokull. That is the name of volcano which caused the ongoing flying nightmare for transatlantic and European travelers because of the impenetrable ash cloud .  The cloud has left thousands of travelers stranded in airports for an indefinite amount of time.  I was recently stranded in New York for a mere 24 hours which was absolutely horrible. I simply can’t imagine what the people who have been stranded for days have gone through.  As a tribute to them, I have compiled a short list of tips for the traveler stranded in the airport.

  1. Stay positive – I know, I know – so cliché, but your negative attitude won’t make the plane arrive any faster
  2. Stay sane – being stranded can be surprisingly detrimental to one’s psyche, do a sudoku or better yet, read a mystery about sudoku!
  3. Make friends – chances are there are plenty of other travelers in your same boat, (well plane technically) so try to make friends with someone since you’ll be stuck with these people for a while
  4. Play a game – don’t rely on that crossword to keep you occupied the whole time – make a scavenger hunt, or play hide-and-seek in the airport
  5. Look on the bright side – now that you’re stuck at some destination, you can spend even more time in wherever you are; go out and see the sites – take a day trip to the city or go to a museum to pass the time

Now hopefully, you’ll never be at the mercy of some ash cloud-belching, 16-lettered, Icelandic volcano which is keeping you trapped in some airport. But, if you are, hopefully you’ll survive using these tips.

— Patrick, 17, Teen Center Advisor

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