Support the library!

After the teen movie festival held by the library, I got a chance to read through some surveys that people handed me. I was actually just being nosy… though there was something that caught my attention.

For one question that asks “Have you ever been to any library event before?” most people answered “no.”

How disappointing.

I’ve come to a conclusion that most people never really go to the events held by the library!

Why do people hesitate to go to the library event? The events are mostly free… free events should attract people since people like free stuff. But I don’t think that’s the case for the library, sadly.

I’d imagine the main reason why people never bother to go to the library events is not because they are not interested in the events but more likely because of the lack of advertisement. I’m not sure if the library has the budget for advertising, but I think it is essence to have advertisement to promote our events.

From what I gathered, the library mainly uses the blog and the library itself to promote the events at the library… though most people are not aware of these events mainly because they rarely check the library’s blog or even they probably rarely go to the library. No wonder why most people are not aware of the events held by the library!

Advertisement means more expenditure for the library, which means the library needs a higher budget. It does not seem possible for the library to have a higher budget when the economy is at its lowest point… which means it’s slightly impossible to advertise the events held by the library.

However, we can help the library by telling people we know about the events at the library! How? Probably we could get some flyers from the library, and post it on the announcement board at your school or community center- to inform people that there are a lot of interesting events happening at the library!

— Ogi, Teen Center Advisor

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