Interpreting Your Dreams

Recently, I was having a conversation with my parents about dreams. Now, I think we can all agree that dreams are odd, no matter who you are. It’s always fun to share your dreams with your friends, especially the really wacky ones or the ones that they’re in. But have you ever thought about if your dreams could tell you something? Maybe they’re precognitive, tell your future. Maybe they show some part of your personality that you didn’t even knew you had. Many cultures around the world believe in dreams and make interpreting dreams a common practice. So after this conversation with my family, I went to the library and checked out some books about dreams. They talk about sleep patterns, ways of remembering dreams, common dream themes, etc. I think the best part were the dream glossaries in the backs of each book. For example, I once had a dream about two giant tidal waves crashing into each other and becoming one ginormous one, which took out the entire town (I stayed alive though). Looking in some books, I found that water shows the depth of your emotions, stormy seas mean chaos and illusion, and a flood shows a rise in unconscious energy. Who knew?

But one of the main staples of interpreting your dreams means writing them down, keeping a dream journal. It sounds corny, but it’s quite interesting if you keep up with it. I wrote down my dreams for a couple months, and it was cool to see the weird trends from night to night.

So, I encourage you to try interpreting your dreams. Who knows what you’ll find out about yourself, your life, future and friends.

Here are some books that are worth checking out:

Teen Dream Power: unlock the meaning of your dreams by M.J. Abadie

Dream Power for Teens: what our dreams say about you past, present, and future by Rob MacGregor

-Emma, 15, Teen Center Advisor

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