Be inspired by fresh teen art

The Ballard Branch is hosting student artwork from Ballard High School the entire month of May, but you can only purchase the artwork during the Ballard Art Walk. The art walk is Saturday, May 8th from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and the Ballard Branch is a part of the walk. There will be music, food, and of course lots of fresh teen artwork. Stop by and check it out for yourself!

 Amy MacDonald, whose work was featured on the event poster, shared a bit about her work and art with Lynn Miller, a Teen Librarian at Ballard.  On art, “I’ve been drawing ever since I can remember. When I was little, I drew on everything…and if you go around my house to this day there are still some bizarre marks on the wall that refused to come off when I was three. I love making art because it gives me a chance to show the world how I see things.”

On her piece, “when I first started stippling the “Bolivian Miner” it was a school assigned project. We had to choose a photograph out of a magazine and do our best to recreate the image using dot with ink and a pen point. At that time, I didn’t fully realize the task I had undertaken. About 50% of my picture was solid black, and I had to make it solid black, with the tip of a pen. I remember my mom making me sit down every night to do more work on my picture. It was a tedious project to say the least. I really like the finished product however, and hope to do more stippling in the future.”

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