Can the Internet get any weirder?

Ah, the Internet. Chances are, you are familiar with the Internet (unless you are somehow reading this blog without it.) As you know, it can be quite helpful – you can research projects, send emails, and even get your favorite library’s online databases! Hint, hint. But the Internet is also host to some of the weirdest things that you can find! Here’s a handy guide to some extremely strange, but awesome, websites.

Bacolicious Ever have the feeling that something is awesome, but would be even better if it had bacon on it? I get that feeling all the time. But now, there’s a simple and handy solution! Just copy+paste “” in front of a normal URL (including the http://) and you will instantly get some baconlicious awesome. An example? Heres the homepage of a certain public library WITH BACON.

Not Mensa : Society of Idiots Not Mensa ( is, as its name suggests, a website for idiots. It features some of the funniest IQ tests that I have ever seen, easily because I have never seen a funny IQ test before this one. Not Mensa features a few IQ tests, including one for your pet. Here’s my favorite question so far (from the spelling test): Spell ‘spell’. a) spell b) spel c) My brain hurts d) ssppeellll

The Bureau of Missing Socks ( With such a great pun in the name, how can this website be any cooler? The Bureau is, according to the homepage, “the first organization solely devoted to solving the question of what happens to missing single socks. It explores all aspects of the phenomena including the occult, conspiracy theories, and extraterrestrial.” It features such varied sock-oriented activities as a history of the Bureau, a ‘sock comedian,’ a sock forum, and a sock vault where you can keep track of your socks.

And there’s more where these came from. The Internet is endless, or approaching that, so go ahead and look for some weird websites of your own!

– Kian, Teen Center Advisor

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