I Love My Mamma!

Like every average teenager, I despise Sundays. The day after Saturday isn’t fun at all. You have to do homework, you can’t stay up late and you have to make sure you’re ready for school the next day. But, I look forward to Mother’s Day!

Sure, Mother’s Day should be every day, but it’s not. It is the one holiday however that you can really show her how much you adore her. My mom is the most important person on this planet for me! Most of my friends have been talking about Mother’s Day and they’ve been freaking out! They don’t know what to get for their moms. I don’t blame them; it is a pretty challenging task after all.

My dad and I are going to get up early today (so not looking forward to that part) before she wakes up and go to the store to get her some gorgeous flowers and a delicious cake. I’m planning to get her perfume. She deserves it; after all, she never buys herself anything.

If your mom is the reader type, I suggest Chicken Soup for the Mother & Daughter Soul: Stories to Warm the Heart and Honor the Relationship by the well known, Jack Canfield. The idea might seem slightly “cheesy,” but trust me, she’ll think it is the cutest thing in the world! If you’re a guy, this book is obviously not intended for you, but in that case, why not bring her to the library to find a book she loves?  And don’t forget to tell her how important she is!

-Veronica, 15, Teen Volunteer

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