My first year of high school

Hello everyone!

I am a local teen writing this blog from the Lake City Library. I am 14 turning 15 in July. This has been my first year of high school and it has been something a lot different from middle school. Middle school seemed like the carefree days when nothing mattered. Well… I guess that is not entirely true. It was still important to get good grades in school but for the most part other than that it seemed really simple.

I went to a small private school up in Lake City with about 20 kids in the same grade as me. Pretty much everyone was like my best friend there and everything was pretty chill. There was no embarrassment or anything. We got to go to really fun dances about once a month which had about 200 kids from all the other middle schools.

Then there came along high school. I came from a K-8th grade school with about 200 kids to a high school with almost 700 kids. There was definitely some getting  used to there! I was the only kid from my grade school that went to my high school (Seattle Prep) which made it kind of lonely for me. Thankfully, I talked to some people and befriended them which made school get a little more fun. Coming to the end of my freshman year I now find myself  pretty comfortable. The reason for this is that I put beside my embarrassment  and put myself out there. That would have to be my biggest advice to any incoming freshman out there. BE AS SOCIAL AS POSSIBLE!!

– Aron, Teen Blogger, 14

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