Attention all bibliophiles!

            If you’re a true book lover, you have to check out It is one of many book networking sites – you know, like Facebook, but for books! It’s totally free; all you have to do is create an account. From there, you can make a list of all the books you own (your personal library), as well as your book wish list, books you’re currently reading, your favorite books, and more. LibraryThing will tell you any information you could possibly want to know about each book, such as the author (duh), year it was published, publisher, characters, dedication, description, and even the first and last lines of the book. Pretty cool, huh?

            In addition, you can read other LibraryThing members’ reviews of each book, and see a list of similar books. In fact, Seattle Public Library uses LibraryThing’s reviews in the online catalog (in case you hadn’t noticed). Oh, and don’t forget about the networking – you can have discussions with other members (via online messaging) or join a group of like-minded members, such as the group for all those who read young adult literature.

            Whether you are just a common book lover or a serious literary expert, LibraryThing is sure to have something you’ll enjoy. The possibilities are endless.

Review by Callan, teen blogger

6 thoughts on “LibraryThing

  1. Christine Pennacchio

    Thanks for the recommendation! I took the “tour” and it seems as though this site has very detailed entries that and a customizable dashboard/display. Do you know if membership is free? I noticed there were some charges posted for “entering” a book. Can you explain that?

    I have most of my online “bookshelf” on Is anyone familiar with both? Any comparisons?

  2. Callan

    I was able to sign up for free, so I’m pretty sure the membership doesn’t cost anything, though there may be some extras that they charge for. Not sure what you mean about “entering” a book…

  3. Callan

    I just checked, and I think that the first 200 books you enter are free, and after that they charge you for it.

  4. Christine Pennacchio

    Thanks for the info. What does “enter” a book mean? Does it mean to add it to your bookshelf, or to create an entry for a book that wasn’t in the database before? (or something else?)

  5. Callan

    I think it just means you’re adding it to one of your lists (like your wish list, books you own, etc.)


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