Teen books or Just Books in General

Okay, what if your only reading options are boring newspapers, boring blogs (except mine), or books. Which will you read?

Well of course you wouldn’t choose to read a newspaper because they are just way too boring, and you might choose a blog, but after a while blogs can get annoying–unless you choose to read my posts, which are filled with endless imagination that will most definitely bring out the kid in all of us. So now you are left with books.

books books booksBOOK BOOKS BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You might think books are a waste of time, but actually books improve your literacy rate, which can help you do better in life.

Also with the endless varieties of fiction and non-fiction books you will never be bored as long as you figure out what suits you. You can never go wrong with a good book.

And think about it: everybody reads books, so you might as well just join the crowd and read books. So my point for today is just read more books for a better future and to just have some legible excitement in your dull life.

If you are having trouble choosing a book, I would advise you to go to the online library catalog and look at some book titles and reviews by some local readers. Make sure you’re ready because all you have to do is kick back, relax, and enjoy.

Here are some books that would be great to read: Found, Reality Check, and Molly Moons Incredible book of Hypnotism

Hey now, don’t my book choices stop you from choosing your own book. I would recommend that you go and explore and find your own book which in turn will make you a better reader.


Post by Duressa, Teen Cener Advisor

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