Four of the Best Mystery Authors


  Much can be said and little needs to be. Universally recognized as the “Queen of Crime,” Dame Agatha Christie is much beloved for her famous detectives, the dapper Belgian M. Hercule Poirot, and the English spinster Miss Jane Marple. The lovely thing about Christie’s books is that they do not have to be read in order, though some make better starting points than others. For those interested in reading her series in order, one would start with The Mysterious Affair at Styles for Poirot and The Thirteen Problems for Marple. For those merely interested in getting hooked on a good story, I recommend Murder on the Orient Express or Death on the Nile for Poirot and A Pocketful of Rye or At Bertram’s Hotel for Marple.

The only complaint about Christie’s writing that I have ever heard seems to be that after reading many of her books, one can accurately guess the murderer. Fear not! These books are less about the crime and more about the fabulous cast of characters, the psychology of said characters, and the moral dilemmas that arise when a crime is committed. There is little blood and guts in Christie’s books (save for Hercule Poirot’s Christmas), though no end of suspense, intrigue, and wit.

For those also interested in Agatha Chrsitie the person, one could turn to her autobiography or one of a few biographies that reveal the drama and mystery of her real life.

Watch this spot for the next 3 Mondays for the other great mystery authors!

Post by Evan, teen blogger

One thought on “Four of the Best Mystery Authors

  1. Dave

    I found “At Bertram’s Hotel” to be a disappointment: not enough Marple, and I had mostly guessed how the story would end. But I like the Poirot’s and agree with both choices!


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